E-liquid nicotine strengths explained

nicotine concentration level

Congratulations! You’ve decided to break free from your intense cravings for tobacco and start a new journey with e-cigarettes. Firstly, in order to successfully undergo this transformation, you must understand that smoking is a compulsion that’s hard to break. While e-cigarettes aim to aid smokers through this challenging shift, there are many things that you need to do in order to be tobacco-free. That being said, one of the most important ways you can triumph and advance is to recognize the role that nicotine plays in your daily life and ensure that you select the appropriate nicotine concentration level to allow a change in your vaping routine.

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a highly addictive, toxic substance that is used in a variety of tobacco products, nicotine replacement therapies and insecticides. Although it’s found naturally within tobacco plants, it’s the main reason that so many people face difficulties when they try to quit combustible cigarettes.

How does nicotine affect the body?

Nicotine works as both a sedative and a stimulant, sparking a surge of adrenaline through the adrenal glands all the way to the brain. It also causes an increased heart rate, heavy breathing and heightened blood pressure. Once the nicotine finds its way to the brain it releases dopamine (the feeling of pleasure, joy and motivation), enabling the user to feel a pleasurable sensation which helps them to relieve their stress and anxiety. However, the effect quickly wears away, leaving the user irritated, depressed and sometimes even triggered until the brain can receive its next fix of nicotine. Then, the cycle of addiction begins anew.

How do you select the right nicotine strength?

Well, since nicotine is incredibly difficult to quit cold turkey, many ex-smokers rely on e-cigarettes, among other options, to fulfill their nicotine cravings, crush their tobacco dependencies and slowly wean themselves down to a nicotine-free lifestyle, if that’s what they choose. So, now that you’ve got the control again, it’s time to select a nicotine concentration level that will enable you to enjoy the euphoria of being smoke-free.

Were you once a heavy, medium or light smoker? Determining your old smoking habits is the first crucial stepping stone towards a successful transition from a traditional cigarette to e-cigs. You’ll need to match the nicotine concentration levels of your e-liquid in order to successfully take smoking out of the equation.

Logic Disposable E-Cigs, offered in 3.5%, 39 ml nicotine, is a good starting e-cigarette for heavy ex-smokers. Offering familiar aromas such as extra strong menthol or extra strong tobacco, these e-cigs are the perfect devices for a beginner vaper. Not to mention they offer the same disposable convenience that you’re used to. Once the e-liquid cartomizer is empty, simply dispose of it and open up a new one.

Logic Power Series, offered in 2.4%, 20 ml nicotine, is a good e-cigarette for medium ex-smokers. Although a more advanced technology, these handy devices possess dependable recharging batteries and spill-proof cartomizers that are easy to transition from flavor to flavor.

Logic Pro Advanced Vapor Systems offered in 1.6% – 20 ml or 1.8% – 18 ml nicotine level, is a good e-cigarette for light ex-smokers. So, if you aren’t dependent on a lot of nicotine, but you still miss the feeling of holding your traditional cigarette, these high-quality devices are able to offer the nicotine concentration level that you require.

True Puff’s nicotine-free e-cigs are a good option for anyone who’s mastered the nicotine addiction beast, but misses the feeling of holding a traditional cigarette. Nicotine-free vaping has the ability to help you overcome both your mental and physical dependencies, while also giving you a rich, full-bodied and flavorful sensation.

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What is nicotine poisoning and how can it be prevented?

 nicotine poisoning

Nicotine is an addictive chemical that is found within tobacco products, such as combustible cigarettes. While it acts as a stimulant in small doses, larger amounts actually have the power to block various autonomic nerve and skeletal muscle cells. So, when a smoker puts a lit cigarette to their lips and inhales, approximately seven seconds later the drug is absorbed and begins mimicking the naturally occurring actions of the dopamine levels within the brain — emotions, movements, sensations, pleasures and pain. This surge of adrenaline — increased heart rate, heavy breathing and high blood pressure — quickly wear away leaving the body subject to a cycle of ongoing addiction. While nicotine can have a range of negative side effects on the body, nicotine poisoning is one of the deadliest possibilities.

What is nicotine poisoning?

While it’s not likely that you’ll overdose on nicotine just from smoking traditional cigarettes, nicotine poisoning can happen when you have too much in your body. That being said there are many factors that can determine a likely overdose — your body weight, the medications you’re using and where the nicotine came from.

How much nicotine can your body handle?

Your body absorbs roughly one-tenth of the nicotine from your daily combustible cigarette intake, which is roughly one milligram per smoke. That’s why it’s incredibly difficult to overdose from just smoking.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has studied the effects of nicotine and believes that somewhere between 50 to 60 milligrams of nicotine can be deadly for a 150-pound adult. Although other studies suggest that it takes a lot more. Needless to say, while your daily smoking routine may not lead to a nicotine overdose, there’s a chance that if your kids or pets are able to get a hold of your cigarette pack that they pose a higher risk.

What are the symptoms of nicotine poisoning?

Be sure to keep an eye out for any of the following symptoms if you think that there’s a chance that your child or pet may have ingested nicotine. The following examples are typical side effects that show up within the first hour.

  • Nausea
  • Heavy breathing
  • High blood pressure
  • Stomachache
  • Looking pale
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness


The following examples are typical side effects that show up within four hours:

  • Diarrhea
  • Shallow breathing
  • Slow heartbeat
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures

What do you do for nicotine poisoning?

If any of the above symptoms become prevalent or if you have witnessed someone swallow nicotine, get liquid nicotine on their skin, or get nicotine in their eyes, please call poison control at 800-222-1222.

How do you prevent a nicotine overdose?

The best way, of course, is to simply ensure that you’re taking all the preventable measures to ensure that no little hands or paws can get into any of your nicotine products (cigarettes, nicotine patches, nicotine gum or e-cigarette supplies). Also, keeping your items locked away in another room or simply buying products with child-resistant packaging are good ways to take the proper precautions.

If you’re a vaper, rather than a smoker, then it’s important for you to slowly wean yourself to safer nicotine concentration levels. Over time, perhaps you’ll even be able to vape zero nicotine e-cigs, which is far less hazardous if it got into the wrong hands. Keep in mind that when you’re throwing away your empty bottles, thoroughly wash them out and place them in your recycling or take them back to your return-it depot.

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How do you ignore vaping stereotypes?

vaping stereotypes

The vaping industry is constantly faced with the need to challenge stereotypes. After all, when the topic of vaping is brought up, the first thing that comes to mind is the subculture — large, lush clouds, modified devices and fruity, aromatic scents. Needless to say, the media doesn’t usually target the everyday vaper. While people who vape are often plagued by stereotypes, the difference is that e-cigarettes legitimately have the power to help someone’s life. So, as a vaper who uses their device to combat combustible cigarette dependency, it’s your job to educate your peers, stay up-to-date with industry research and developments and speak up when you’re feeling victimized.

Educate the non-vapers around you

Many of the people who are passing judgment on vaping have never been tormented by nicotine addiction. Which means they’ve never been backed into a corner with the irritability caused by the dependency of this drug. So, when the time comes to discuss the notion of vaping, their only means of contributing to the conversation is entirely based off what they have seen and read in the media. Not only is first-hand experience the only way we should be educating the population, but it’s also the best way to share the reality of it. That means if you’re a vaper that’s sick and tired of hearing vaping stereotypes then take advantage of any opportunity you have to educate your peers about vaping. Elaborate on the effects of nicotine withdrawal, discuss the nicotine concentration level options and how they put power into the hands of the vaper and share your knowledge about the health conditions that are often associated with tobacco.

Do your research

If educating your peers is proving to be challenging, you can ignore the vaping stereotypes around you by doing extra research. It’s important to stay up-to-date with any developing studies, laws, rules and regulations if you’re feeling the need to ignore the media. Getting the facts about vaping can help keep you and give you the confidence to spark up the conversation. Otherwise, use research as a method to solidify your choice to vape and ignore the haters who are judging your lifestyle. After all, vaping has improved your life by giving you the power to control your nicotine intake, so, let your judgmental peers have the choice to stay uneducated.

When all else fails, walk away

Now, the reason we’re encouraging this last step is that we understand that the world possesses many unruly individuals who despite your personal experiences and educated background, will still try to argue their own point of view. Sometimes it’s worth not exhausting yourself by wasting the time explaining vaping stereotypes that don’t make sense, because, in the end, these people will only believe what they want to believe. Take pride in your lifestyle and just walk away. After all, you want to surround yourself with people who support your choices and understand the journey you have undergone to kick your tobacco and nicotine dependencies to the curb.

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How do the feelings of smoking and vaping compare?

zero nicotine vaping

There are many questions that people want to be answered before they make the switch from smoking to vaping. Like, how closely can they mimic the actions of combustible cigarettes? How exactly do they satisfy your cravings enough to help keep you from smoking? Can they help reduce your stress and anxiety levels? Although e-cigarettes are a technology that is often spoken about, in actuality, many people are unable to describe how they compare to a combustible cigarette. But the reality is that these revolutionary devices have the power to appease your physical needs, entertain your mental cravings and simulate the taste, touch and smell of your habitual smoking routine.

Similar actions

Ex-smokers are used to the comforts of routine. In order to smoke a cigarette, you must first light the end of it, lift it up and place it between your lips, inhale deeply, remove the cigarette and exhale the smoke. For some smokers, they are equally as addicted to the feeling of holding a combustible cigarette as they are to the nicotine within it, which is why this hand-to-mouth action is soothing, relaxing and pleasurable. Needless to say, would you believe us if we said that e-cigarettes have the ability to simulate this satisfying experience?

Vaping offers ex-smokers a sense of familiarity. The e-cigarette is lifted up, placed between the lips of the vaper. The battery source powers up the heating element within the device, it raises the temperature of the e-liquid as they inhale deeply, remove the e-cigarette and exhale the vapor. Now, doesn’t that sound incredibly similar?

Similar sensations

When you smoke a traditional cigarette, there are deep inhalation techniques that draw the smoke into your lungs. Vaping also has various inhalation techniques that mirror conventional smoking.

  • Mouth-to-lung: This action is done by inhaling the smoke, or the vapor, into your mouth, letting in lingering for a moment before sucking it deep down into your lungs.
  • Direct-to-lung: This action is done by pulling the smoke, or the vapor, directly to lungs upon inhalation. This is the most common vaping technique for ex-smokers.

Regardless of which sensation you prefer, both vaping techniques allow you to fulfill your physical dependency to your old smoking habits.

Stress and anxiety reliever

Many people turn to traditional cigarettes because of various stress or anxiety triggers. But, did you know that the reason you feel relief after smoking is due to the nicotine and not the tobacco?

In fact, nicotine is a mood-altering drug that has the power to make you feel like you’re alleviating your stress and anxiety. This immediate sense of relaxation is usually quickly followed by a smoldering feeling of frustration when the nicotine levels wear off. That’s why vaping an e-cig has the power to feel like smoking a cigarette. Both products contain nicotine, which evokes a false sense of relaxation to the user.

That being said, when you choose to switch to vaping, you have the ability to select a nicotine concentration level that suits your needs. Eventually, if you combine your willpower with vaping, you will be able to wean yourself down to zero nicotine vaping. Zero nicotine vaping is incredibly beneficial to your health and well-being.

Are there any other ways smoking feels like vaping? Tell us in the comments section below.

Why do so many vapers choose to buy from www.truepuffs.com?

zero nicotine vaping

The vaping industry is thriving and it’s no secret that both seasoned and newcomers to the craft are always on the hunt for the best place to shop for all of their vaping supplies. Although there are many options to choose from when you’re selecting an online vendor, there are heaps of reasons why www.truepuffs.com has so many happy, returning customers. Not only do they serve the vaping community by offering top-quality e-cigarettes, but they also carry an incredible selection of vape juice flavors and disposable zero nicotine devices that vapers rave about. So, if that’s not enough to get you shopping, here are a few other mind-blowing reasons that people are devoted to True Puffs.

The customer service

True Puffs strives to offer industry-leading service because they want their customers to have a great vaping experience. That’s why they do their best to respond to all of your questions, concerns and comments in a prompt and timely manner. Furthermore, they’re a company that stands behind their products, which is why their customers have a 30-day return and exchange period on defective products.

The astounding zero nicotine selection

Many former smokers miss the social and behavioral aspects of their old habits. That’s why zero nicotine vaping is so popular it has the ability to satisfy their physical attachment in a safe, enjoyable way. Not to mention, zero nicotine vaping offers the same great flavors, like tobacco and menthol, as well as a few extra tasty extracts like mango, strawberry and passion fruit. Customers love their nicotine-free options that offer the same pleasurable experience without the exposure to the harmful side effects of tobacco products.

Informative resources

New and experienced vapers rely on their bi-monthly blog submissions to keep them up-to-date with vaping culture, new e-cigarette studies and the benefits of zero nicotine vaping. Since they have been involved in the vaping business for several years, it’s one of their top priorities to conduct research and facilitate that knowledge with the vaping community.

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Zero nicotine vaping is the perfect way to start off your 2019

As an annual tradition, many people have the custom of making a promise or resolution to carry forward into the beginning of a new year. Whether that promise revolves around changing an undesired behavior, accomplishing a new goal or simply improving the quality of their lives, rolling over into a new year sparks a fresh start in many people. While many New Year’s resolutions are often left forgotten or unfilled, you could be the person who takes your commitment to the next level by sticking to your promise of zero nicotine vaping.

There’s no nicotine

If you’re a more seasoned vaper who’s currently using an e-juice with a low nicotine concentration, why not try switching over to zero nicotine vaping? After all, did you know that squashing your nicotine dependency is incredibly beneficial for your body?

When you choose to say goodbye to this highly addictive substance, with the help of zero nicotine vaping, you’re choosing to say goodbye to a wide range of negative effects that it has on your body. When you inhale nicotine, your adrenal glands become stimulated which results in an added release of energy and adrenaline. This surge drastically increases your heart rate, activates a heavier level of breathing and heightens your blood pressure. It can also cause a decrease in your insulin production as well as an additional release of dopamine to your brain.  

Same great flavors

One of the advantages that vaping has over smoking traditional cigarettes is the fact that vapers have a variety of flavor options available at their disposal. But, did you know that zero nicotine vaping won’t stop you from enjoying the same delicious flavors?

In fact, zero nicotine e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of flavors including mango, strawberry, passion fruit and peach. Not to mention, if you’re a vaper that craves the robust flavors of your past, you can also enjoy a zero nicotine tobacco or menthol e-cig.

The options for zero nicotine vaping have never been so vast and alluring in their flavors!

Combat your dependencies

Zero nicotine vaping not only aids in combating your dependency to tobacco, but it can also help you combat your mental dependency to combustibles cigarettes. That being said, zero nicotine e-cigarettes are the full package when it comes to making a healthier choice — since they don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine — as well as mimicking the sleek look and design of a traditional cigarette. This allows you to feel a sense of comfort when you’re holding something that resembles combustible cigarettes, without the same detrimental risks that are often associated with smoking them.

How do you plan to fit zero nicotine vaping into your 2019 action plan? Tell us in the comments section below.


Is it safe to vape around your kids?

vaping safety

As a parent, it’s your job to protect your children, because their safety is your number one priority. This is probably a contributing factor as to why you chose to stop smoking combustible cigarettes. Most people need help combating their nicotine cravings and often turn to vaping as a means to fulfill their dependency. Whether you vape because of nicotine addiction, as a stress reliever or because you are drawn to the fix that traditional cigarettes used to give you, it’s important to look at how your everyday choices may impact those around you. While vapor may be a safer alternative to the lingering smoke that is left behind from combustible cigarettes, e-cigarettes still do pose a risk to your children if you’re not careful. Here’s a few things that you should be mindful of when you vape around your kids or anyone else.

E-liquid is not safe for consumption

Part of understanding vaping safety is being aware of potential risks and finding ways to safeguard against them. While you may be well aware that e-liquid doesn’t belong in your mouth, your child certainly does not have the same ability to read warning labels. Although ingredients in your e-liquid — PG, VG and various flavorings — are consumed safely in many foods that we eat every day, nicotine is a poison that is incredibly toxic to ingest and is even dangerous if it’s absorbed through your skin. That’s why disposable e-cigarettes, zero nicotine e-cigarettes and smart, pre-filled cartomizers are advantageous choices for vapers who are worried about their children coming into contact with their vaping gear.

Disposable e-cigarettes, such as Logic Platinum Label Tobacco, are designed to be used and then disposed of when the flavor cartomizer is finished. It’s not as easy for little hands to get a hold of e-liquid if the technology uses pre-filled flavor cartomizers  which are spill-proof and vacuum sealed to prevent any accidental spilling. If you really want to be a cautious vaper, zero nicotine e-cigarettes are also a much safer option. Since they don’t contain any nicotine substance, many of the risks that are associated with its ingestion — vomiting, increased heart rate, dizziness, rapid breathing and many other symptoms — are eliminated when you vape zero nicotine e-cigarettes.

How do you keep your vaping gear away from your children?

The best way to promote vaping safety in your home is to take all the proper precautions and prevent children from gaining any access in the first place. Here are a few tips we have to help you out:

  • Lock up your device: When you’re not using your e-cig, store it away in a locked draw or a cupboard that is out of arm’s reach of your children. If you keep your device in your purse, store that away as well.
  • Charge your device in another room: Leaving a device charging on the counter invites curious minds to experiment, so rather than charging it on a table or counter, place it in a cupboard or locked room while it’s charging.
  • Express the dangers to your kids: Just like you tell them to not touch your kitchen stove because it’s hot, be sure to explain the dangers of your vaping device to your children as well. Just simply state this is for adults only.
  • Vape outside: The less you expose your kids to your vaping gear, the less questions they will ask. Vape outside out of sight rather than in your home where they might feel the need to mimic your actions.

Do you have any other vaping safety tips to share with our readers? Share them in the comments section below.


How to enjoy vaping without nicotine

zero nicotine e-cigarettes

For those of you who used to smoke combustible cigarettes, we know it’s hard to imagine vaping without nicotine. However, cutting nicotine out of the equation has the ability to offer so many benefits to your mind and body that it’s completely worth the challenge. Not only do zero nicotine e-cigarettes come in the same lush flavors as nicotine-containing e-cigs, but they also fulfill your need to have something to hold in your hands. Not to mention vaping without nicotine allows your body to start repairing itself from nicotine dependency, all while offering you a similar sensation to traditional smoking. So, what’re you waiting for?

Delicious zero nicotine e-cigarettes

Many vapers enjoy the heavenly assortment of flavors, instead of boring, more traditional aromas, that are available when they decide to switch to vaping. The best part about weaning yourself down to a zero nicotine e-cigarette is that you don’t need to give up the rich variety of flavors. Zero nicotine e-cigarettes still come in the same popular, fruity flavors luscious mango, sweet strawberry, piquant passionfruit, enticing watermelon, tempting peach and ambrosial blueberry — as well as the more traditional ones — robust tobacco and fresh menthol.

Fulfills your mental dependency

Vaping without nicotine allows vapers to fulfill their desire to hold something in their hands the same way as an e-cig that contains nicotine does. The devices are built using the same pre-filled, disposable technology that delivers the pleasant vapor to the user upon inhalation. The only difference is that this vapor doesn’t contain any nicotine concentration in the contents of the e-liquid.

Allowing your body to repair itself

Nicotine is an addictive substance that perks up your central nervous system making your breathing heavier, your heart rate increase and your blood pressure rise. It has the ability to lead to insulin sensitivity and resistance as well as increase your risk in developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Nicotine also affects your thyroid hormones, pituitary hormones, sex hormones and adrenal hormones. By vaping zero nicotine e-cigarettes you’re freeing your body from the added risks that are associated with inhaling nicotine.

Are there are other reasons you can think of to vape nicotine-free? Share your knowledge in the comments section below.  





What are the benefits of zero nicotine vaping?

zero nicotine vaping

One of the best parts about vaping is that you have the power to choose your own unique experience. It’s entirely up to you whether you select a disposable or rechargeable device, prefer the taste of peach rather than tobacco or simply enjoy a lower nicotine concentration vape juice. Although all of these advantages have influenced ex-smokers to make the switch from combustible cigarettes, it’s the capability of lowering their nicotine intake that makes vaping incredibly desirable. If you haven’t been able to take a leap towards zero nicotine vaping quite yet, here are a few reasons to give it a try.

Superior flavor

Over time you’ll have the ability to wean off your addiction to nicotine and then you can enjoy the flavorful experience of zero nicotine vaping. When nicotine is added to the ingredients list of an e-liquid, the flavor is naturally diluted. Zero nicotine e-juice leaves a little extra room for flavor, which is why these e-liquids have a bolder, much stronger taste than nicotine-containing e-juices.

Smoother vaping experience

As ex-smokers know all too well, inhaling nicotine can be harsh on the body although long-time smokers don’t notice the effects and it has the ability to cause irritations in the throat, eyes and nose, as well as headaches, dizziness and nausea. For vapers who enjoy the tactile element of vaping, or for ex-smokers who have managed to combat their addiction to nicotine, zero nicotine vaping has the ability to give you a similar smoking sensation, only smoother.

Bigger clouds

For crying out cloud, zero nicotine vaping could be the new calling for all of you cloud chasers out there! Keeping nicotine out of vape juice increases the ratio of other ingredients that are added to your e-liquid, which in turn, increases your cloud production. So, if you enjoy vaping large clouds, or doing cool vape tricks, then choosing an e-liquid with zero nicotine concentration will offer you a better vaping experience.

Do you know any other benefits of zero nicotine vaping? Please share with our readers in the comments section below.  


Why should you be thankful for the True Puffs e-cig lineup?

zero nicotine e-cigarettes

On Thanksgiving Day all over America, families sit down to dinner and enjoy one of the most beloved annual celebrations. Whether they are thankful for their delicious turkey feast or simply satisfied with the extra family time, this holiday is everyone’s moment to be appreciative. For ex-smokers, Thanksgiving may also be a time that they show gratification to the device that helped them overcome their addiction to traditional cigarettes.

To the people who have managed to combat their nicotine craving using e-cigarettes, but are still finding they possess an urge to hold onto something, we have an e-cig product that you should consider trying. Although we understand that you have a lot of options to choose from, we highly recommend the True Puffs zero nicotine e-cigarette lineup aside from the fact that they are mechanically flawless, there are many other reasons why you might feel indebted to True Puffs.

A delicious assortment of flavors

True Puffs zero nicotine e-cigarettes offer some of the richest flavors in the business. Featuring classic concoctions such as Tobacco and Menthol and an array of fruity mixtures, it’s no wonder why customers add these dangerously delicious medleys to their online shopping carts. Offered in zingy mango, sweet strawberry, exotic passion fruit, luscious blueberry, nectarous peach and tangy watermelon, these sweetly scented  e-cigs deliver all the flavor and aromatic appeal of a wholesome dessert.

They don’t contain nicotine

You can scratch nicotine right out of the equation, because these fragrant devices don’t contain the same added chemicals of their vaping counterparts. They’re a proudly sold zero nicotine e-cigarette brand that are perfect for any ex-smokers that miss the sensation of smoking combustible cigarettes, but don’t miss their chemical dependency.

Affordable and easy-to-use

E-cigarettes today have the ability to break the bank, especially if you’re invested in always owning the latest MODs. Needless to say, True Puffs zero nicotine e-cigarette lineup is only invested in saving you money using the most up-to-date technology. Each device comes already assembled and equipped to vape. There is no need to fiddle around with the technology, simply unwrap and puff. Not to mention they have the power to last up to 800 puffs, making them an incredibly economical purchase for the price.

Is there anything else that you specifically look for in a zero-nicotine e-cigarette? Tell us in the comments section below.