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About us

Our Story

We have been in the electronic cigarette/vaping business for several years now. We see the tremendous growth as people seek smokeless and tobacco-less products to help satisfy their cigarette cravings. With a wide range of nicotine levels available, many former smokers (now vapers) choose to reduce their nicotine level over time, but they still seek the social and behavioral aspects associated with smoking. Smoke breaks, time outside with friends or colleagues, lighting up after a meal or while at a party. So why can't these same former smokers enjoy these social times without the smoke and now finally, without the nicotine? That's where True Puffs vaping products come in. We are about zero nicotine vaping.

With high quality products – products that work, produce rich vapor and taste great – former smokers or really anyone who even just recreationally likes smoking can enjoy all the perks of smoking without the dangerous toxins and the smell. Even cigar users now have an option (that does contain nicotine) which allows them to enjoy the unique cigar taste and experience without the off putting smell. The festive cigar experience often enjoyed at weddings or special occasions can now be enjoyed anywhere vaping products are permitted.

Why Choose True Puffs

  • Industry Leading Service. We want our customers to have a great vaping experience and we work hard to be responsive to questions or concerns.
  • Free & Fast Shipping everywhere in the USA for orders greater than $10.
  • Superior Products. True Puffs contain high quality ingredients which translate into a rich great taste for the user.
  • Something for Everyone. With a wide range of flavors to choose from, we can satisfy all your taste buds – from sweet, to minty or tobacco flavor. And our e-cigar provides a unique vaping experience.
  • Nicotine free options. With nicotine free e-cigarettes available, you can enjoy a smoking experience without the guilt that comes from using harmful tobacco products.