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Welcome and thank you for visiting us at True Puff is one of the few producers of quality zero nicotine e-cig products on the market today. All with advanced vapor technology and in a wide assortment of disposable nicotine-free e-cig flavors. At True Puffs we offer you the best pricing, always fresh inventory and great customer service. If you have been trying to reduce your nicotine usage but aren't ready to give up the flavor and the inhaling/exhaling vapor sensation you love – True Puff zero nicotine e-cigs are the right product for you. Try them in traditional Tobacco or Menthol Flavors – or go fruity with one of six delicious flavors: Strawberry e cigs, Passion Fruit e cigs, Blueberry e cigs, Peach e cigs, Mango e cigs and Watermelon e cigs. For discount on e-cigs, we offer volume purchasing which makes vaping a low cost alternative to smoking.

It is widely known that people who smoke turn to e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, or as a way to quit smoking. Currently, there is no scientific evidence confirming that electronic cigarettes help smokers quit smoking cigarettes, all we have are the reviews of our customers who say it’s helped them switch from combustible cigarettes to vaping.

Vaping means inhaling the water vapor produced by a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. It is not the same as smoking; the e-liquid is heated rather than burned, and water vapor is produced instead of smoke and ash. That means you are missing out on all the toxins produced by the combustion of tobacco and the cigarette wrapping itself. True Puffs is committed to assisting smokers in finding an alternative to smoking cigarettes and helping them get rid of the habit. Our customers repeatedly tell us how these True Puff zero nicotine e-cigs give them the helping hand to kick the nicotine habit. We are very happy for them and we work hard to help all our customers achieve similar results.

The True Puff Cubano E-cigar provides a realistic cigar tasting vapor experience, with none of the smell or harmful inhalants you get with a combustible cigar. So no more being banished outside, enjoy your True Puff Cubano E-cigar at home or in your car without fear of leaving a nasty odor behind. Use these electronic cigars for weddings and bachelor or bachelorette parties, making sure you go home odor free.

We value our customers and as such we proudly sell all of Logic ecigs product lines, including Logic vapes: The Logic disposable electronic cigarettes, Logic Power Series rechargeable ecigs and Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, a Logic vape pen recognized for its great taste and battery longevity. There is a Logic e-cigarette starter kit for each system.

Logic rechargeable e-cigs are sold on our site in Tobacco flavor, Menthol flavor and Cherry flavor. We offer Logic Pro e-liquid capsules in Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Berry Mint, Strawberry, Toasted Tobacco and Fresh Menthol flavors. A Logic Pro starter kit should first be purchased to operate the Logic capsules.

We sell the Logic e-cig and Logic vaporizer pen brand (also known as a Logic vape pen) for our customers who seek a brand of electronic smokeless cigarettes and e-liquid vapors. Logic e-cigs and vape pens are among the top preferred e-cig brands on the market today. All of Logic products are manufactured with premium, three-time distilled oils that is produced in England and they come in FDA-approved packaging. If you are a smoker seeking the look, taste and reliability of a great product to replace your combustible or traditional cigarettes, you’ll love Logic e-cigs. We trust the superior quality and reliability of Logic products and True Puff products so much that we are able to offer a complete warranty for all products sold on our site. Give us a call or email us to exchange a product that you purchased from our site if it doesn’t work.

At we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. Place your order online or call us today.